Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daniel's Award and My Lesson in Humility

The sixth grade had their awards assembly last week and Daniel received an award for being on the superintendents honor roll, which means he maintained an A average all year. Yeah Daniel!
But I have to tell you a funny story that happened at the assembly. All the sixth graders were seated at tables in the middle of the gym and the parents were on bleachers over to the side. Well, as the principal is getting ready to begin he asked all the parents to scoot down toward him so that we could see better. So I get up to move and as I'm walking I slip in some water on the floor and as I'm going down one foot goes straight out in front of me and the other foot folds up behind me, like the half splits! Where's the camera when you need it! I should have given someone my camera and asked them to take my pic before I got up, NOT! Then when I got up my pants were wet on my behind where I guess my butt wiped up the water I slipped in! I was a little embarrassed but I'm sure I wasn't even half as embarrassed as Daniel must've been, you know he's at the age where everything a parent does is totally humiliating, he was probably thinking maybe no one will know she's my mom! Anyway, I got a good laugh and a lesson in humility. Here's the pic of Daniel with his award, I don't know how in the world I got him to smile, he must've been imagining me sprawled out on the floor in front of everyone. ;)

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Steph said...

Still hilarious the second time around! I'm just glad you are okay. You're right... it's your own kind of miracle that he smiled!