Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let It Snow, Baby!

We finally got snow!!!! I love snow, it's so beautiful and we very rarely get any! I think the news said we got around 5 inches! Of course, it melted within 24 hours, but it sure was purty! Since Geoff and Steph are in Mexico and missed it I had to take pics for them. So here are the pics from last night while it was snowing...

Here are the pics from this morning....

And of course the kids wanted to play in it before school, how could I say no when I knew it would be melted by the time they got out of school and we hardly ever get any. So here they are, all wet, right before leaving for school. Once again I'm going to be voted "Mother of the Year" by the school for sending my kids to school wet. Sorry I sent your kids to school wet Steph, but hey, they had fun. Actually, just their feet were wet, they had strict instructions for NO snow angels, I know, what a bummer, I'm the meanest mom in the world for not allowing snow angels, how dare I? It's not a very good pic, we were kinda in a hurry to get to school and I figured I had already yelled at them enough, I didn't want to take the time to set up another pic.

Don't they look lovely? I'm sure Steph will never ask me to watch her children again after this week, and I'm sure her children won't want me to. :)

P.S. Notice in Sunday's post all the girls are wearing short sleeves, we went from warm weather on Sunday to snow on Monday night, fun, huh?
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