Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's That Smell????

On Monday's after school the girls have tumbling. So yesterday I stayed home all day, doing laundry, etc. until time to pick them up from school. I picked them all up from school and we went to the dance studio for tumbling. Morgan has tumbling first, then we have an hour break, then Kathryn has tumbling, so basically we're there from right after school to a little after 6:00, yesterday I ran a few errands during the hour break. Anyway, all afternoon, sitting in the lobby during the girls classes, I kept smelling this awful smell. At first I thought maybe something was on the carpet or the chair I was sitting in because there was something sticky on the arm of it, so I moved chairs. Well I still smelled this awful smell, so I start sniffing myself, is it my sweater? Nope. My coat? Nope. What could it be? Well, I just let it go. After Kathryn's class we go home, I cook supper, we eat, I get the girls to bed, then I go to put on my pajamas. While I'm undressing I'm sniffing everything again, my sweater? Nope. My jeans? Nope. What is it? Then it hit me, duh, maybe it's on my shoes, maybe I had stepped in something. Sure enough, on the bottom of one of my sneakers was dog poop. I have no idea where I stepped in it or how long it had been on there and I had walked all over my house in those shoes. Thankfully we already have an appointment to get the carpets cleaned next week. I think by the time we got home it was pretty much all mashed down between the cracks in the bottom of my sneakers, so there's no tracks in the house, but still, I'm sure it's all over the place. YUCK!!!! Also, I'm sure anyone who got near me at the dance studio was thinking, gross, that lady really stinks! Great, another reason for people to stay away from me, not only am I a weirdo but I also stink! :0

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Anonymous said...

You were proabably the only one that could smell it, noone else was that close to it. Not like me, EVERYONE saw me fall off the Hospital Shuttle Bus!!!!!!