Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Caroling

We went over to Ardmore to spend Christmas with my family, we went on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 23 and came home on Wednesday, Dec. 26. My family has a tradition that we go caroling around my parents neighborhood, just for the fun of it, which by the way as you can imagine Rich just LOVES :), but this year my mom had her annual open house on Sunday, the 23rd and everyone was too tired to go Sunday night. Then we like to have our traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas eve, so we're not in the kitchen all day on Christmas day, so of course nobody wanted to go Christmas eve after stuffing ourselves, so we just didn't go this year. Rich, the kids and I went caroling to a few of our neighbors on Friday, the 21st, and gave them some Christmas tree cookies that the kids and I had made. Only one of the neighbors seemed to care, everyone else looked at us like we were weirdos, which we are, so we're used to it. Anyway, I guess that will suffice for our yearly caroling tradition this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roxie,
Just wanted u to know that I am reading ur blog!! & we loved the cookies & were upset that we missed the caroling!! I heard from the Kirvens that ur family did the caroling we would have loved to have heard you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

oooopppsss !!! I forgot my name n the comment above!

Jenn McElroy

Rox said...

Thanks Jen! We tried to carol to you, but you weren't home that night. The Kirvens were the ones that seemed to enjoy it. Glad you enjoyed the cookies and glad to hear at least someone else besides Steph is reading my ramblings. :)

Steph said...

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra!!!
You know, I don't think that we have ever had someone carol at our house! You know we would have loved! Probably would have joined right in!!

Rox said...

I was going to say, hey, yeah, next year lets plan to do it together, then I remembered, you won't be here next year. :(