Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had a good Christmas. Besides the Christmas caroling (see previous post), we have another family tradition where on Christmas eve, after we have stuffed ourselves with Christmas dinner, we light all the candles in the house, turn off all the lights, then my dad reads the Christmas story out of Luke 2, then we sing some carols and ask the kids some questions about the Christmas story and let anyone share anything they want about Christmas. So we did that and if you read Rich's Christmas post you've already read how Daniel shared his meaningful Christmas story about running around outside in underwear, anyway, read Rich's blog on underwear to get the full story, as Rich said 12 year old boy stuff. After having the lovely reading of the Christmas story, singing, and interesting conversation, Rich & I took our kids out to see Ardmore's light display, it's one of the best I've ever seen, and really long, we all enjoyed that and Morgan fell asleep on the way back home. Now Daniel & Kathryn know the truth about Santa. I decided when I had children that I would never tell them one way or the other, we would do Santa, but if ever asked I would not lie about it, which goes back to the trauma I felt as a child when I found out that Santa wasn't real and the shock that my parents had lied to me, and if they lied about that, what else have they lied about, I was a sensitive child. :) So Daniel and Kathryn know and Morgan has never asked. After watching the 10 o'clock news it was time for Daniel & Kathryn to go to bed, but even though she knows the truth, Kathryn had to leave cookies out for Santa, then she wanted to take a bite out of some of them, so that Morgan would think Santa had been there, I let her do it, she was really getting into it, which by the way, Morgan never even noticed the next morning. Anyway we got them to bed and Rich & I got everything set for Christmas morning and went to bed.


Steph said...

OK. I laughed my head off at the beaver thing!!
And, Kudos to you and the Santa thing. I've always struggled myself with how to deal with that. There is the flip side however. You should what my friend posted about what happened when she told her son that Santa wasn't real:

Rox said...

Ok, I read what happened to Shelley told her son about Santa, and I felt pretty much the same way as a child, that Christmas ruined, but I also remember thinking "how could they have lied to me?"
By the way, I do the same thing with the tooth fairy and Easter bunny, we do it, but if asked, I don't lie.