Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update on To Go or Not To Go

Thank you all for voting and commenting on whether or not we should let Daniel go to the game. I really appreciate all of the input I received and agree with everyone. Here's what we have decided to do...We told him that we thought he had worked very hard to bring his grades up and we were really proud of him for all his hard work, yet he had not acheived the goal of straight A's. So we asked him to choose another goal that would be a challenge for him yet something he could acheive in order to get to go to the game and he has chosen something that will probably be more of a challenge to him than straight A's. Only time will tell if he acheives his new goal, I'll try to keep you updated. We also encouraged him to try to keep his grades up and not let them get as low as a C again. I believe he will do it! Thanks again!


Steph said...

Nice job. Good compromise!

Gail said...

Y'all did great in giving Daniel a second chance to earn his way to the game! That is so much like God who gives us another chance to get it right.