Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Day

Since Morgan had fallen asleep early the night before, she of course was the first one up, around 6:00, but I think she forgot it was Christmas morning, and I didn't want to wake the other kids until they woke up on their own, so I got up and got a shower, and by the time I got out of the shower the other 2 were up and raring to go. They are not allowed to go into the living area until the adults are in there with the cameras ready to shoot their reaction. Which of course my camera broke a while back and I have not gotten a new one yet, I'm bidding on one on ebay so hopefully I'll have a new one soon. Anyway, I had my little disposable camera and my parents had theirs, so they came out and were very excited at their gifts from "Santa". Daniel got an Xbox and the girls got a Hotwheels motorized Barbie jeep to share. But that didn't last long, they were ready to open their gifts. We go around and take turns opening gifts, youngest to oldest, one at a time, so everyone can see what everyone else got and it makes it last a little longer. Everyone was pleased with their gifts, but I have to tell you Morgan got a toy digital camera, so she took some of her own pics. All season if you asked her what she wanted for Christmas she would say, a Barbie jeep and pink church shoes. So my mom got her these pink sequined princess shoes (think Dorothy's Wizard of Oz shoes, but pink instead of red), and she took a pic of them with her camera. She wore them every day, all day, even outside to play, until a big piece of the sequins came off, which was only 1 week after Christmas. She did get to wear them to church, once, but she didn't get to wear them to school, because by the time school started back she had already torn them up. So now she can only wear them to play in, which today being Saturday, she has had them on, outside, all day today. Rich took the girls to the park this morning then came home and had a picnic in the backyard, she wore them to the park, the picnic and has played outside in them all day, to include climbing the tree in them. She looks pretty funny with her OU sweat suit on and her pink "church" shoes, climbing the tree, wish I had a camera.


Anonymous said...

She does truly love those shoes..Funny how kids are!!! At least she is not just shoving them in a closet just to outgrow them & never wear them!!!
Jenn McElroy

Steph said...

won't be long now and you'll be a picture posting feign!!