Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Trouble at School

So after having the preceding posts conversation with the girls about getting in trouble at school, Daniel says, "I got in trouble today too for doing nothing". Nothing? OK, this has got to be good. So I asked, "what happened"? He says that during Rise & Shine, this is their meeting that they have every morning with the whole school, going over announcements, saying the pledges & school creed, etc. He says that the school has said before that you do not have to say the pledges, so during the Pledge of Allegiance he and his friend were just talking but that the teacher standing near them said that they were jumping around and playing". OK, first of all I was in shock that the school told them that they do not have to say the pledge, then I was angry that Daniel was so disrespectful of the flag to not do it AND to talk during it! Anyway, he finishes by telling me that they had to go see the principle and his homeroom teacher had sent a note home that a parent had to sign and send back. So now it's my turn..."OK, so a teacher exaggerated about you and your friend, you were just "talking" during the pledge"? Daniel..."Yes" Me..."OK, I don't care if the teacher exaggerated I am shocked that you would talk during the Pledge of Allegiance, I don't care if they told you that you didn't have to say it, I'm your mother and I'm saying that YOU DO have to say it. People died for that flag to give you the freedoms you have in this country and you WILL respect it and say the pledge. Your dad is really going to be angry about this one. So next time if your friend tries to talk to you during the pledge you better just ignore him, say the pledge, and talk to him afterwards." Daniel..."OK" Oh, the nerve, I thought I had taught him better than that, I was so disappointed in him. Once again a teacher and now a principle too, must think I'm a terrible mother for not teaching my son to respect the flag. AAAAUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!

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Steph said...

Boy, you're on a roll!! :)