Thursday, January 10, 2008

"The Worst Day of My Life"

OK, so this phrase..."This is the Woooorst Day of My Life" (imagine it in a whiny voice), has become one of my children's (who shall remain nameless) favorite saying and it is REALLY starting to irritate me! Anytime this child doesn't get their way or has to do something they don't want to do, that is what comes out of their mouth. The other night I heard much crying, lamenting, screaming & "The phrase" for about an hour simply because they did not want to take a shower. They have also started saying "it", crying, etc. and giving me great anguish over having to do their homework. Then tonight I heard the same crying, lamenting, screaming & "The phrase" because they didn't want to go to school tomorrow and have to take a quiz. "I hate school, I don't want to go, I don't want to take that quiz, this is the worst day of my life, I hate my life". (Is this child melodramatic or what? Hmmmm, wonder where they get that from? :) ) This also went on for around an hour tonight. I try to ignore it, which seems to only make it worse. So I finally said, "Every time something doesn't go your way you say "That phrase" and how do you think that makes me feel to hear you say you hate your life"? No Response. I mentioned that their life could be a lot worse and gave a few examples, which they agreed would be worse. I also told them that EVERYONE goes to school at some time in their life and has to take tests. To which they replied "not homeschooler's". To which I replied, "yes they do, they still have to study, do homework and take tests, they just do it at home instead of a school building". This is the second time within the last couple of months that I have gone through this with this child about taking tests. I'm hoping they were just tired and that they don't really have a problem with anxiety about test taking. I'm afraid they may be a perfectionist and that they stress over not getting their school work done perfectly and on time. By the way this child did get all A's on their report card, which is great! I don't think I have said or done anything to put pressure on them for grades, I praise them when they bring home good grades, but have never said that they HAD to bring home A's. Hopefully this is just a stage and we'll get through it, I guess only time will tell.

2 comments: said...

Next time, you could quote Homer Simpson: "Correction - the worst day of your life SO FAR!"


Rox said...

I LOVE it! I'll have to remember to use that one the next time I hear "The Phrase"! Thanks! :)