Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Father's Love

My 7-year-old daughter has eczema and very sensitive skin. So therefore she has a VERY low pain tolerance. Well, last Monday when it was time to go to her tumbling class she asked if she could wear her shoes without socks because she had a blister on the bottom of her foot and it hurt. (???what does that have to do with wearing socks???) Anyway, I asked to see this blister. Well, it was actually a splinter in the bottom of her foot and we didn't have time to get it out then or she would've been late for tumbling. So I told her we would get it out later. Of course, after tumbling I'm thinking about getting supper on and getting the girls to bed, so I forgot all about the splinter and she didn't bother reminding me.

Now it's Tuesday night and I had to go to a rehearsal, so that left daddy to make sure the girls got bathed. I guess her foot was hurting her again because somehow daddy found out about it and after looking at it (he said it had pus) decided it had to come out. Well, needless to say, he said there was much screaming & crying. After soaking her foot and trying to get it out with tweezers he finally just used his mouth and sucked it out! I know, gross! Anyway, by the time I got home it was all over! Hallelujah! and they were both fine, not upset at all.

It must've really been hurting her before because Wednesday morning she said, "My foot's all better! I don't have to walk around on my tippy toes any more!" ???You were walking around on your tiptoes? Since when???

Anyway, I figure that must be true love, to suck a splinter out of the bottom of a 7-year-olds foot. Yuck! It's a good thing he was here, 'cause I would've just kept digging at it with the tweezers! :o


Steph said...

He has probably had to suck snake venom out before! What courage!

Anonymous said...

No wonder he is sick today!! GROSS!!!!! I have something stuck in the bottom of my you think he could.......